Uh Gosh v3 - Willy Chin & Supa Dups (Black Chiney) Soca 2016

This is mix is a creative fusion of production style remixes of soca music brought to you by Willy Chin and Supa Dups.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 12:00:00 AM

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Uh Gosh v3 - Willy Chin & Supa Dups (Black Chiney) Soca 2016

  1. Willy Chin Uh Gosh Intro
  2. Shall Marshall - Party (Willy Chin Remix) 
  3. Voice - Cheers to Life (Willy Chin Remix) Dubplate
  4. Derwin Dubois and Patrice - Unforgettable (Willy Chin Remix)
  5. Machel Montano - Temperature (Willy Chin Remix)
  6. Skinny Fabulous - Born for This (Willy Chin Remix)
  7. Machel Montano - Carnival Groupie (Willy Chin Remix)
  8. Lyrical - Freedom (Willy Chin Remix)
  9. Olatunji - Oh Yay (Willy Chin Remix)
  10. Ricardo Drue - Professional (Willy Chin Remix) Dubplate
  11. Nutron - Scene (Willy Chin Remix)
  12. Bunji - Take Over Town (Willy Chin Remix)
  13. Preedy - Away (Willy Chin Remix) Dubplate
  14. Lyrical - Dip n Roll (Willy Chin Remix) Dubplate
  15. King Bubba - Mash Up (Willy Chin Remix) Dubplate
  16. Peter Ram - All A Wi (Willy Chin Remix) Dubplate
  17. Hype Sounds - How She Like It (Willy Chin Remix)
  18. Derwin DuBois - All Kind Of Kind (Willy Chin Remix)
  19. Ricardo Drue - BET (Willy Chin Remix)
  20. Shall Marshal & Nutron - Friend (Willy Chin Remix) Dubplate
  21. 1 Voice - Basement (Willy Chin Remix)
  22. Willy Chin Booking Info
  23. Angela Hunte - Mon Bon Ami (Willy Chin Remix)
  24. Rachel Montano - Human (Willy Chin Remix)
  25. Yes the Band - People (Willy Chin-Mitchum Chin Acoustic Mix) Dubplate

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